How do I use the Fruit & Veggie Wipes?

The Fruit & Veggie Wipe was formulated for produce and other surfaces.

Simply pull out a single wipe (or 2) and wipe your produce down. Wipe as hard or as gentle as you like; then just wipe and bite!

You do not need water or a produce brush. The act of wiping will remove bacteria, dirt, viral components, and any other sticky icky things we do not like. 

Gentle enough for your skin safe enough for your food and effective enough on germs.

How many pieces of fruit can I clean with a single Fruit & Veggie wipe?

No hard rule here.

We recommend that a single wipe can be used up to 2 pieces of produce, such as 2 medium-sized apples.

Do I need to rinse my produce when I am done wiping with a Fruit & Veggie Wipe?

No, our formula is 98% water and the other ingredients are water-soluble which means they will come off when you wipe. 

Not to mention we are tasteless and odorless. Just wipe and bite!

TitleCan I use this wipe on fruits & veggies that I do NOT eat their skin? Like a Watermelon or Orange?

Yes, remember your produce is handled multiple times before it hits your shopping cart and on the way to your home.

You should always wipe down your produce before you cut, peel, prep, and eat them. 

When in doubt, wipe!

What other surfaces can I use this product on?

OMG great question! 


tables and any other home surfaces



travel surfaces (plane, trains, automobiles, boats) 

children's toys

pet's toys and all of their stuff such as bowls

the office