About Us

GoWipe became a vision when the founders, Bells and Dorothy, started exploring for more modern wipe products to help modern problems.

When their search fell short, they knew it was time to do it themselves. They have created a variety of luxurious, organic wipes to meet our health and skin needs.

The Modern Wipe.

GoWipe is a modern, solution-oriented brand with a new approach to wipes and their applications to help you achieve clean living.

We Love Skin.

All wipes are 100% plant-based, made out of luxurious embossed organic bamboo non-woven fibers. More effective than cleaning with water alone, our wipes have been developed with sensitive skin and health in mind; formulated using organic aloe vera, and New Zealand’s purified water.

Rated: Excellent

by DermaTest laboratories, a leader and trusted source for skin and health testing and technology

Our Ingredients are D.T.E.

Transparent, organic, and down-to-earth. All wipes are infused with over 95% New Zealand Purified Water. They’re gentle, Cruelty-free, Palm Oil and alcohol-free. GoWipes are never tested on animals; vegan, eco-friendly & biodegradable; hypoallergenic, and free of any MIT, parabens, pesticides and GMO.

Our team is passionate about products that just make clean-living easier. 

Life's messy, Gowipe it up.


GoWipe is women-owned and operated  | USA imagined, designed, researched & formulated  | Kiwi (NZ) Made